Personal Narrative-The Mackinac Express

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The Mackinac Express “I’m so bored, Dad.” I groaned. I slumped against the boathouse wall. Even though I typically hate boats, I vividly recall being so irritated that the ferry hadn’t come yet. I was at Star Line 's boathouse on Mackinac Island, and we had been waiting for at least 20 minutes for a ferry. I was beginning to become bored and angry. I was thinking, This is so boring. Then a slow, lackluster ferry came into view. Its eroded chairs were dirty as a worm’s playground. Then it started refueling. “Ugh,” I said. “No joke!” My dad said. I recall being starting to become very worried. What if a boat does not come? Then suddenly a sleek boat came bounding over the waves like a cannon shot! As it slowly pulled closer I could make

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