A Narrative Essay About A Place Where We Come Back

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Through the arch of tangled greenery and shimmering lights we went. A spell lifted and reality grasped my body as effects of leaving a place where everyday reality doesn’t exist. Coming to a halt at a stoplight reinforced the fact of the matter. Yep, I sighed, I’m back to everyday reality. The arch stole one last glance from me, before I turned back around in my seat, crossed my arms, and slouched. Why did we have to leave? When were we coming back? And were we ever coming back? To say the least, I was distraught. Glazed with tiredness, my eyes glanced out of the window wondering about these very questions. That trip was 12 years ago, in November at Disney World. My family traveled to Florida for my dad’s work conference and we chose to go…show more content…
Although, this wasn’t a normal day. I had anticipated too long for this day to let the early morning drowsiness hold me back. Seizing my mom’s hand in mine, I skipped down Main Street, crossing over the train tracks in the middle of the street as I went. Slowing to a stroll as we neared the front of the castle, I eventually stopped completely to gaze up at the majestic building. My mom pounced on the opportunity for a photo and asked me to turn around and pose in front of the castle. I turned and posed, flashing my smile full of baby teeth. A nice couple saw my mom capturing pictures of me and offered to take a few of my mom and me. After the photo-op was over, we entered the castle and my mom checked us in. Frozen there, I tried to take in all of the sights. I glimpsed the stone pillars and the mural paintings that illustrate parts of Cinderella’s story. The hostess escorted us to the line for the meet and greet with Cinderella before going upstairs to the breakfast. There she was, in her beautiful blue ball-gown with dazzling sparkles. Under her shiny tiara, she had her hair pulled smoothly back. She displayed an elegant smile beneath her sparkly
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