Personal Narrative-The Man In All White

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The Man in All White Summer 2008 we were knee deep in the trenches of Myrtle Beach, I remember it like it was yesterday. Sweat like waterfalls dripping off my brow, sand in my eyes, the salty drink of the ocean intertwined between my hairs. I panicked as I looked around wondering if I had become lost at sea. Soon after I got a grip on reality I saw the shoreline, in my mind I had a plan figured out. All I had to do was simply swim back to the shore. Unfortunately for me the universe would take no part in helping me on my journey back to safety. The thoughts I had during this time certainly did not help either. People tell you to think positive thoughts during bad situations, well I can tell you first hand that is near impossible. At this point I am…show more content…
I think to myself no one is going to help me so I might as well start swimming. 300 yards off shore and I am doing the finest breast stroke one could do while they are panicking. Luckily I hadn’t even thought about sharks or anything until I stopped to catch my breath and a dastardly piece of seaweed grazed my leg. After a few minutes of panicking I look to shore to find a wave of uncertainty crash upon me as I realize nothing on the shore looks familiar anymore. As I tread in the ocean gasping for air I say a few word to the man upstairs asking for help. After that I don’t remember much. Drifting in and out, one or two glances up into the day sky before my eyes closed and I drifted into the dark void of unconsciousness. Luckily somehow I didn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean and as I gradually came to I felt a brush of sand across my back like a homemade wool sweater. I somehow made it back to shore and to this day I still do not know how. I must have been on a private part of the beach because I noticed that it was very quiet and no one was in sight. As I stood up I felt an excruciating pain in my leg and immediately collapsed. As I looked down at my leg I saw a cut no shorter than 8
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