Personal Narrative: The Man Who Killed His Wife

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A man who lives in Mount Zion killed his wife because he wanted money. He was trying to earn $700,000 in life insurance, if his wife had an accidental death. Hee would’ve received those $700,000, in addition to $500,000 due to the life insurance’s policy. Therefore, he decided to drown his wife in a bathtub at their home, in which she died. But, now the man is now facing 45 years in jail. I feel as if the man deserved more time in prison, because it was first-degree murder. Meaning he planned what he was going to do and how it was all going to happen. The man who killed his wife was selfish, he choose money over someone’s life. What he did was wrong, and I feel as if he deserved more time in jail. The way the author wrote the article was
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