Personal Narrative: The Master Fish Story

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Upon reading the third chapter, I was able to associate with many of the myths and stories that the author narrated as part of a counseling technique. Few of the myths helped me gain a broader understanding as to why I behave and think in a certain way when things are not right.
One of my issues is letting go. While I have got better at it, I found it very hard to let things go. For instance, if I had a major fallout with a family member or friend which disrupts our relationship, the thing that I always used to do was repeat the event in my mind. I used to replay the fight to see what I could have said, or she could have said that would have stopped and avoided the fight. I experienced the same thing couple of years back when I fought with my five years long best friend. Even though we do not talk anymore, I used to replay the fight over and over again to find out why did we have so much bottled up. Similarly, there are other such incidents like fights, misunderstandings, and betrayals in my life, that I found extremely hard to let go.
The Master Fish story helped me out with my issue of letting go. After reading the story, all these fights and misunderstanding that affected me deeply came to my mind, and the first thing I thought was, “why? Why am I
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As I mentioned earlier, it is easy to tell a person “let it go.” But the process of letting go is painful. Even though the people I had misunderstandings with are not in my life, they were still important to me at some point. Also, I do not know what process I can use to let it go. The most effective method, in my opinion, would be to talk to the people I had issues with and clear the air out once and for all. I believe that face to face communication is much more efficient than email and SMS. In direct conversations, there is more scope for honesty, and it is hard for people to fake their emotions. So, I hope to talk it out with some people and free myself from this lingering
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