Personal Narrative: The Meal Pad

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“Unicorns, again? Seriously, Katie?” my sister asked as she peeked in the door, sounding half annoyed and half I was aware this would happen. Just having woken up, I was tired, but had gotten dressed. As usual, my wallpaper was covered with unicorns. Unlike my sister, Katherine, I always ponder upon unicorns when I wake up, so through telepathy my wallpaper is filled with fluffy, white unicorns. Before I left for breakfast, I remembered to make my bed, which is done by simply pressing the pink button on the top of the headboard.
The Meal Pad in our kitchen is one of new kitchen appliances that everyone seems to have now. It is a high-tech touchscreen pad with choices you can make for your meal. The Meal Pad has a wide-ranging variety of meals
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After breakfast, my sister and I decided to go on a walk. The morning air was mild, and the sun was shining as bright as, well, a sun. On the other hand, the overall surrounds were gloomy and depressing. While Katherine and I were walking, I saw my neighbor, Mr. Zelman, replacing his old grass with the new one. My dad says that there was a time when grass was alive, but I believe he was joking. In the wilderness, the grass is alive, and you have to water it, mow it, and tend it all the time if you live there, but hardly anyone does. With the grass used in cities and towns, we just have to replace it with new ones once every three…show more content…
I tried to imagine the wall, the immense stone wall, surrounding America. It really surrounds almost every country. Beyond some walls is the Wild. We are always taught that the wilderness is dangerous. We are told to leave the Wild alone, because it holds animals that could become extinct. Even with all those words of people telling me the dangers of the Wild, I have always wondered about the experience of living in the Wild. Pretty soon, I found my eyes wandering towards space. “Uncle Rick lives up there,” I contemplated, “I want to live on Ma-” “Mom’s home!” screamed Katherine, interrupting my thoughts. I jumped to my feet and ran inside the house. “Mom, can we go to Mars?” I inquired while she was putting her stuff away and talking on the phone at the same time. “Uh, sure honey” Mom replied, but inside I knew that she probably didn’t even hear my question. I slowly trudged up the stairs, forcing a thumping sound on each step, and walked into my room. Later on, I stared out the window. The wallpaper in my room turned into clouds seemed hopeful, but didn’t seem to know what to do. The clouds perfectly match my
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