Personal Narrative: The Miami Spartan Race

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This was a last minute addition to my race schedule, I had traveled to Florida for Green Beret Challenge the day before and decided why not travel to Miami on Sunday and run a few laps at the Miami Spartan Sprint. I had no idea (as did anyone else) how much rain would fall on the Miami/Davie Florida area and make this more a swamp run than the typical mud run. • Registration and Festival: At least on Sunday, the registration lines moved fast early in the morning. Both the registration area and festival area was basically under at least a foot of water and although this made for fun times for little kids, the festival area was a swamp area all day Sunday, but to be fair, I am not sure Spartan could have done much to make it any better than it was. • The Course: The course was just under five miles total and started out with a short sprint that went up a hill and back down and then in to a short section of muddy/sandy water to cross. The course continued on and the first obstacle up was over-walls and then after a long sprint up next where two high hurdles to climb/hurdle over. The course continued on for anther brief sprint and up next was 6 ' wall and then the 7 ' wall and a short sprint later the cargo net climb. It was now time for another sprint and then came the bucket brigade carry…show more content…
As you may have noticed from my course section, a lot of the obstacles were bunched up together, but that is an unfortunate part of doing OCR races at park venues as they race director is very limited to where they can place obstacles and also when it comes to some of the obstacles they can bring. I enjoyed the course and I personally thing the swamp sections made it even better and more challenging for the most
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