Personal Narrative: The Missouri Cross Country Team

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We have all encountered some degree of failure in our lives, some worse than others. No one is or ever will be a perfect human being. Failure is certain in our lives among all questionable events. Times of failures are events we can learn from even in the smallest ways. Whether it be a failing grade, not making a sports team, or not winning a game, there is always a lesson to be learned. These lessons help in preparation of the future. Last fall, in 2014, I was a component to the Sainte Genevieve High School Girls Cross Country Team. The entirety of the season, the team was plagued with illnesses and injuries. Although we had a very talented, hardworking team, we struggled to win the meets we attended. Every person had her own problem to worry about in addition to how it would affect the team as a whole. In past years, 2012 and 2013, the Sainte Genevieve Girls Team had won state handedly, leaving our tattered team with lofty expectations from spectators and teams all over the state. The spotlight was on us to be champions once more, making history for Missouri Cross Country. The seven person team toed the line that chilly November morning with hopes deeply imbedded in hearts accompanied by the fear of failure in racing minds. With all the other…show more content…
Repetitions are faster, longer, and more intense. In the senior’s final year, the goal is to win state one last time. Originally, our freshman year, the goal was to win state four years in a row; It was evident that goal would be hard to achieve, but knowing that made us work with more tenacity than ever before. This last cross country season is a bit of a redemption race for my team. November 7th is the last opportunity to show Missouri what Sainte Genevieve Cross Country is capable of. Again, failure is certain in our lives, but the lessons we take from these moments of weakness are what help a person to face challenges in the
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