Personal Narrative: The Mock Trial

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As the only other person except for my mother who works in our family, I have to support her. Everything I earn goes towards rent payments each month. If there are any leftovers, I try to cover my personal expenses, such as club dues.

As a fan of debate and public speaking, I decided to join Mock Trial at the beginning of my junior year. At the time, I did not know, that Mock Trial was going to change my high school career. During my first year as a trial attorney, I not only improved immensely in my public speaking and communication skills but also made new friends. After a successful year and great scores at two regional competitions, I was truly proud of our team's achievement. However, many members just seemed to be completely disinterested. That is when I decided to step up and ran for the Mock Trial President position with one main goal— to unite the team.
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Due to intense five-hour weekend practices and other improvements, we have reached new grounds this year. For the first time in sixteen years, our school's team was able to advance to the third round of the regional Mock Trial competition.
Although Mock Trial requires a huge amount of work and dedication, the final result is well worth it. After spending many hours with the team, I can confidently assert that everyone supports each other. After all, unity is

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