Personal Narrative: The Modern Day Witch Hunt

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When I was fifteen years old and in middle school, there was this one kid in my grade that was Muslim. He sat by himself minding his own business but everyday a group of kids in the grade above us would come and make fun of this young boy, each day it would be the same thing, they would call him names and tell him to go back to where he came from. All because he was a Muslim boy in Australia. One day he fought back to the bullies and threw a punch at the main culprit, of course he got beat up and all the boys had to go to the office and talk to the principle but what was astonishing was that the Muslim boy got suspended for three days and all the bullies did not get into trouble. From that day, I saw how the world target Muslims and how there is this witch hunt for them. Before we talk about the modern-day witch hunt of Muslims, what is a witch hunt “A campaign directed against a person or group holding views considered unorthodox or a…show more content…
They were held in small isolation cells for up to 23 hours at a stretch and subjected to mental and physical abuse. They were held in detention for three to eight months. The 750 Muslim men said that they were held because solely that they were Arab Muslims.

In the crucible, every person accused of witchcraft no matter who they were, were witches, in the eyes of every other person in the town. The people who were accused had to prove they’re not guilty. …. (who were the people accusing/accused and why did they say these certain people/ what were the benefits)

Muslims must prove that they are not terrorists even though they are not but are perceived by the community, thanks to the media’s involvement in the Muslim terrorist witch hunt. The media targets the topic of Muslims and tries to exploit such a large topic for their personal
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