Personal Narrative: The Moment Of Epiphany

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Moment of Epiphany Epiphany is the feeling of realization of a major life-changing event. The day I woke up for my very first day of work was when I realized that I was becoming young adult. I 've never had a job before, not even babysitting, like every teen girl does. I was completely new to the work force. I had no idea what I was doing and I only got the job because of my mom. This job was about to change my life forever. My whole life I was always so devoid and dependent on my parents They always helped me with everything and I was pretty shy when I had to do anything on my own. I remember even being scared to order for myself when out to eat or talk to any stranger really. They always had to do it for me. Starting work I knew my parents…show more content…
When I got my first paycheck it was only fifty-three dollars but it seemed like a million to me. I was so proud of myself and it really sunk in that i 'm finally a young adult. After a while, I had a lot of money in the bank. It rapidly started dropping. I was blowing it on stupid, unnecessary things that I didn 't need like: food, makeup, clothes. It was also golf season so I couldn 't work as much because I was so busy with that. At one point I was scared to even buy twenty dollars worth of gas and a drink because I was so broke from not being able to work as much and spending too much money. I had to start skipping some compulsory practices to start working more, which was upsetting because I love golf. I realized that money is serious and probably the most important thing to survive in the world. I started taking saving money very seriously. I eventually had a stable bank account from working more and didn 't spend money on just anything. In the past year I became a young adult. I learned about the responsibilities of a mature, working, teenager. I started working and driving. I was really excited to start growing up, but now that it 's actually happening, part of me wants to go back and just be a kid again; with no responsibilities. I 've been through alot this year; it 's been stressful but it 's the start to a great future. My moment of epiphany was
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