Personal Narrative: The Monsters Of Fear And Anxiety

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As I have grown, I have consistently let the monsters of Fear and Anxiety live and dwell in the heart of my soul. They are well known to wreck havoc among the most simple situations. Because of them, I constantly overthink my past, present, and future experiences, boiling down to being afraid of people and places. I have a pattern of loving intensely, and at times, my loyalty allows those I trust to betray me. Now, time is strange. Nothing can stop it, and nothing can make it run faster. Not even my infamous monsters, Fear and Anxiety. One of the best things I 've learned in life is that as time continues, it allows for new beginnings and fresh starts, no matter how large the mistake. You see, I 'm not a morning person. I adore sleeping in and procrastinating the day ahead. Instead, I better enjoy the silence and quiet of the night. I have the habit of enjoying my days so much that I live them as long as I can, lying awake late into the night. Perhaps I am afraid of a new day, terrified of the mistakes I will make. Because I don 't want a fresh day to begin, I cherish my past successes instead of embracing the gift and promise that my present and future hold for me. Recently, however, I 've come to appreciate the morning because it reminds me to forgive myself and put away the…show more content…
One beautiful morning, I accidentally awoke far too early and couldn 't sleep. The sun threw himself into my room, promising of a fresh start. As I rolled over in annoyance, I realized that God was showing me that I must truly grasp the gift of a new day and dive into a refreshing beginning. I realized I couldn 't heal by dwelling in my past, but in embracing my future. In that moment, I stopped holding on to my pain, letting joy become my main priority. I kicked out my monsters, fear and anxiety, because they didn 't define who I was anymore. No longer was I confident in my past, but in the endless future of possibilities. Thanks to the gift of time, I began my journey toward

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