Personal Narrative-The Mora High School Classroom

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The Mora High School cafeteria is a very familiar place to me, with it’s columns in the middle of the room, the off-white paint, and white and blue tiled floor. The cafeteria is usually a place full of a lot of kids and incredible amounts of noise. It’s nearly empty except for the four tables placed in the formation of a square near the little nook where the lunch ladies serve us food, or at least what tries to pass as food. The seats around each table are occupied by the cast of Annie celebrating the completion of their second show. The cast of Annie doesn’t even come close to filling the cafeteria, but the noise level could nearly be the same as when it’s fully filled during lunch. Over the years that’s what I’ve come to expect from the play kids. Play kids are a special breed of people. We’re super quirky, and we don’t care what other people think about us. There may not be many of us, but we are very good at creating a lot of noise. As I said earlier play kids are quirky, for example would you expect to see two guys waltzing around with each other for the fun of it? Mark and Jacob, the two guys, were having a lot of fun with it too until Sabrina, Mark’s girlfriend, ran over and knocked over her boyfriend exclaiming, “Jacob stole my man!” That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about.…show more content…
First off we tend to act out the music we’re listening to, especially when it’s from a musical we know. Second, we are very over the top with the singing going so far as to belt it at the top of our lungs. So I knew right when Jacob started playing music from Hamilton that things were going to get interesting. Everyone who knew the music started to sing along, and some of the people who knew the songs best even got into character and started acting out the song. Eventually though the chaperones had to remind the cast that they needed to conserve their voices since they still had one more show left later that
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