My First Soccer Game-Personal Narrative

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It was a crispy cool day in 2008. I was only five years old. We were in the most important soccer game of the year. It was very important for us to win. As we warmed up before the game I twisted my ankle and it was hard for me to walk. I was one of the best players on the team I couldn 't miss this game! This is what we had been practicing so hard for! I wasn 't giving up this easy. Then the game started. One of our players slipped on the wet dew grass when he kicked the ball into the goal and busted his lip open. No, this couldn 't be happening. He was our mane person to kick the ball. I was going to have to go in for him, but then who would be our goalie? The referee called for the first quarter of the game and we went and…show more content…
Then we heard the sound. When we heard the buzzer we ran to our positions on the field. It was their ball now all we had to do now is block the goal so they don 't score. I was so nervous they were really good when it came to defense. We were never going to win. They kicked, and it made it into the goal. The wrong goal! They had scored for our team! Then again the buzzer sounded for the third quarter. We huddled up and coach told us to get a drink and go back to the positions that we were in except me. I had to sit on the bench. Now I was mad, but I still cheered for our team like a good team mate. We scored;therefore, I screamed and cheered for our team. Then the buzzer sounded for the last quarter. Again it was time for me to kick it was my job and my teammates job to get the ball into the goal. I kicked repeatedly and never made it except once. One more goal and we would win but for the moment we were tied. My chances were slim because I was very tired and sweaty. We only had one minute left of the game. I went to kick the team stole the ball away from A person on my team got the all and kicked it back to me because she was cornered and I was her only chance. The seconds were ticking: 20 seconds left. When I got the ball I kicked the ball as hard as I could....... I made it! The fans went wild! I had actually done it! We had won. I was so overjoyed. That was the day that I did something that I thought that I couldn 't do something and did it. I hope that you achieve something that you think that you can 't
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