Personal Narrative: The Moua Family

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The Moua journey began thirteen years ago, fighting to hold the tears back. People said, coming to America will change the life of Hmong families. Many different people, from many different countries, with different communication styles are all over the world that immigrated to America, one of those people are Hmong, they speak two dialects of a language. These dialects are known as Hmoob dawb (Hmong white) and Hmoob ntxhauj (Hmong green). Along twenty-three-hour fight lay ahead of them, as they realize it was time to say good-bye to their native family and home as tears rolled down their eyes. The Moua family has never thought of leaving family members behind, moving to a different country, different school, or learning a different communication language.
First, the Moua family, lived a normal life as the grandmother and the mother would wake up at five every morning and cook for the family and feed corn for the chicken. The father would design xauv (necklace), the grandfather would make kawm, (basket). The children would run around chasing each other bringing joy to the parents. At this level, Hmong white is their traditional language. Besides, Hmong white there Hmong green, Hmong white speaks like how white people talk in English and Hmong green speak like how an English-speaking person speak if they lived in France,
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Their happiness started to flow in the room until they found out that not all the family member would be allowed to go. Tears rolled down the mother and father’s eyes, and the children as they all had to leave their lovely grandparent behind. That was the happiest day for them as well as the worst day. The parent didn’t want to leave the grandparent behind, but had no choice as they wanted to take a step forward for their kids hoping for a better future and education. For this reason, they believe America will make their kid’s life a better one than they have
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