Personal Narrative: The Murderer

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I went home and started my plan to find this person who framed me. I was ready to give up my everything to catch this one person who made my life horrible.I was trying to think of the best possible way to catch this person when I thought, I should just camp out by that old barn again. The killer has to come back at one point to either collect the body or meet his other henchman in the crime. I decided to pack a bag and get ready to stake out the old barn one more time. I got ready to leave and packed food, water, my voice recorder, and other supplies to stake out the barn for 2 nights. I arrived at the barn the next day with my duffel bag in one hand and my sleeping bag in the other. I found a nice corner right next to the hay and set up my…show more content…
"Now please tell me, have you found a way to prove your not guilty," he asked with a fake tone of concern. He must have known I knew what happened. He had to have been practicing how to act concerned. "Well, Mr. Parson. I have this for you," I said as I held out the voice recorder rolling. His face was shocked when he heard himself confessing to the murder plot. His eyes became wider, and he started to break a sweat. And as if right on queue, the backup officers came charging in and placed handcuffs on Parson. I watched with a smirk on my face. He stared at me as though he couldn't believe what just happened. The satisfaction I felt at this point was amazing and just made me the happiest person ever. He ended up being charged with first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. A couple days later I got a call to help look through the barn to help find the body. I was so scarred by the barn and yet something told me to go. I went, and what I found out gave me closure. Digging through the barn's old rubble, we found a body. It'd been so long since I'd seen her, yet I knew it was her instantly when I saw the face and body being dragged out of the hay. "Mom?" I said very quietly said to
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