Personal Narrative: The National Baltimore Aquarium

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The National Baltimore Aquarium is one of the largest non profit aquarium in the United States. The aquarium strives to help inspire people on how important it is to preserve the beauty of the ocean and also why some species are becoming endangered. The aquarium is an iconic landmark offering marine-life exhibits, a dolphin show, shark tank and walk-through rain forest. Every year the aquarium has a new exhibits and shows for the public. This aquarium is one of my favorite vacation spot because I really like how the aquarium is constructed and It's a family friendly, interactive educational experience. The building has five floors that are accessible by an escalator and elevator, in which you basically start from one level to another and at each level there are different types of fish. The Blacktip Reef is located at the first level and it is one of the most impressive exhibits in the aquarium because it is connected below the aquarium where the sharks live, there are live corals exhibited and it replicates the Indonesian Pacific coral reef. There are also small sharks and manta rays that swims around the coral reefs. Calypso is a five hundred year old. female turtle that lives in the Blacktip Reef. The turtle was rescued and brought to the aquarium because her front…show more content…
Shark alley exhibits different varieties of sharks and gigantic manta rays. It is a ring shaped exhibit located at the very bottom of the aquarium. Dolphin discovery is homed to eight Dolphins. The exhibit is open for visitors to catch a glimpse how Dolphin’s live and interact with each other. Jellies Invasion exhibits a nine different species of jellyfish, and also illustrates how these animals are
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