Personal Narrative: The Neenah Rockets

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A day in the summer there was a football game played at Kimberly’s turf located in Kimberly Wisconsin. A 7th grade Kimberly football team was playing another great team called the Neenah Rockets they had a massive running back that had this bushy mustache and they had a pretty fast good throwing quarterback. The Neenah rockets had great talent but so did Kimberly. This game was going to be a great one, cold fans crowded the stands eating fresh popcorn and very chocolatey hot chocolate in very white cups as the game started it was 0-0 after the first 4 and a half quarters and in the last minutes something big happens when we are on defense… WORK ON Before the game started we were in warm ups doing frankenstein's, lounges, karaoke, and four’s etc. Then we went and ran over how to tackle low since I was on defense this game not on offense where I would be a running back. But after that me and some of my friends were in a little group and we said that we might lose but we have a little chance of winning. It finally came to the start of the game…show more content…
That's very close to them getting a touchdown to close out the game 12 or 14 to nothing and we wouldn't be able to win but at that moment they pitched the ball to the outside back and he ran to the left and then I hit him… Then the ball went flying out and Keegan Shelke picked it up and ran it back for a touchdown and then the game was finally 6-6. We would now have a chance to take the lead and win this very important game. We then went for 2 point conversion to win the game and we gave the ball to Mitch Smarzinski our full back who then got stuffed at the line and our lineman helped push him in… But then we saw bright yellow flag fly and the referee said we had assisted the runner into the endzone and that's illegal apparently so then the game was over and the time ran out. The finally was KImberly 6 and the Neenah Rockets
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