Personal Narrative: The New England Colonies

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Today was the day. We were finally going to do it. We were finally going to have enough money. My family have been so desperate. We need money because my father lost his job, so our parents bought me and my little sister, Annabelle, tickets with the only money we have to Italy so our grandmother can give us enough money to live in England. Annabelle and I were late to the boat to Italy. We were so rushed that when we ran across the dock, we got on the wrong boat. We were on the boat to the Thirteen Colonies. My sister and I didn’t realize until we started talking to some of the other kids on the boat. One of the girls was talking to one of the other children, “I can’t wait to start a new life with my family in the America’s!” I overheard this…show more content…
We learned about how these colonies couldn’t farm. Their land was very thin and stony with little level soil. Their long winters made it difficult too. Since the New England colonies couldn’t farm, they made their wealth by trading across seas. Next, Henry talked about the Middle colonies. They had very rich farmland with moderate climate. So, the Middle colonies raised livestock like cows and chickens and different grains. Then, Henry talked about the Southern colonies. The land and climate was perfect for growing crops. They grew things like tobacco, rice, cotton, and indigo. Also their dense forests brought them lumber, tar, and resin from the pine…show more content…
Two men had put sacks on our heads but just now are taking them off. We both started freaking out. We had no idea where we were but it was very dark. The only light was the one shining down on us. This big, heavy man who looked to be very tall can into the light. “My name is Donald,” the man said in a british accent. “Were you the man who kidnapped us?” I asked. Donald said that he was the man who kidnapped us and he did because he said he needed slaves but didn’t want to pay for them. My sister and I were both shocked. After a while, Donald left to get something to eat. But, when he did, he left the door ajar. I whispered to Annabelle, “Slip out of your rope like I did and we’ll make a run for it.” So, Annabelle and I slipped out of our ropes and ran out the door as fast as we could. Donald was long gone so he didn’t see us escape. We ran for days. We wanted to make sure Donald wasn’t following us and we couldn’t wait to get to the Southern colonies. By the time we ran out of food and energy, we stopped at a local farm. We went up to the house on the property and knocked on the door. On the door was written “Farmer Joe.” Once he opened the door, I started to tell him about our long journey down to the colonies and then how we ended up at his farm. I also told him that we needed jobs. Farmer Joe was very understanding and he gave us both jobs working on his farm. Since Annabelle and I had jobs, we could make enough money to
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