Personal Narrative: The Odyssey

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The Beginning….It was an early chilly morning in November of 2009. My dad, his friends, another kid, and me all loaded up in one truck ready to head east. I was only seven years old. We were going to Missouri to hunt whitetail. This was going to be the farthest away from home I have ever been. I was excited to go hunt in a different state with different types of animals. We left from Beaver, Utah early that morning ready for the long drive through three states. The first was Colorado, and then onto Kansas. We left on a mission just like in the start of the Odyssey where they left to go fight Troy. The kid that came with us was a couple years older than me. On the way there he started to throw a fit. He was home sick and crying a lot. I just wanted to plug my ears with something so I wouldn 't have to hear it. This is how it must 've felt when Odysseus plugged his men 's ears with beeswax so the wouldn 't hear the sirens.…show more content…
Stopping on The Way….We stopped in Kansas to stay the night after driving all day. An episode in the Odyssey was when they stopped and some of the men ate lotus flowers which made them not want to go home anymore. This was like us stopping and resting and not wanting to get back up and continue moving. The hunt was starting the next day so we knew we had to get going early. The guys and us two kids got back in the truck to drive to the property in Missouri where we would be hunting. It was time to go check out the land we would be hunting on. Everyone split up and choose a spot to go to the next morning. Us splitting up and finding place that would be good to hunt reminds me of another episode in the Odyssey. It was when Odysseus and his starving men were looking for food on the island where the Cyclops
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