Personal Narrative: The Oilfield Changed My Life

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I always believed that working in the oilfield would take me to retirement. Unfortunately, it Would not be the case. It would change my life and my goals to the present. It would begin a little over a year ago, even the oilfield was still going strong in my area. The drilling company I was working for was putting out a new rig, and was going to be one of the top drillers placed on that rig. I was so excited, it was unbearable on some days. One day on one of my days off, I was walking outside going down the steps to finish my yardwork around the house. I tripped on the steps, landing hard on my right knee. The pain was there, and I thought it would work itself out in a few days. Carr 2 As I began my hitch on my rig, the more pressure I put on my…show more content…
Six weeks following, the pain and pressure still existed. This time, it was a synvisc injection to my knee, or what I call gasket maker, hoping to maybe get some relief. This would continue over the next year until my doctor decided to conduct another MRI. At this time, they had concluded that my days in the oilfield were through, that my knee could no longer bear the stresses of what they require on a daily basis on the rig. My knee began developing fibromyalgic cysts around my where they did the scope and scrape procedure. I suggested to Carr 4 doctor about a just going ahead and replacing my knee, but instead refused. He prescribed me more medication and continue my steroid and synvisc injections in hopes that it will heal itself. To me, I just felt like a guinea pig experiment and that’s when I decided to make a change. As my wife and I left one of my appointments, we were discussing what changes were needing to be made. And before we left town, the idea of me going back to school and changing my occupation had to be considered. I cannot stay on disability forever. And as long as I could still function and make my family better, the it was a choice I had to
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