Personal Narrative: The Old Civil War Battleground

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My perspective on history changed forever when I went on an adventure to an old civil war battleground. We were there to plant a privacy wall of trees between the battlefield and the road, when we finished we decided that we should camp overnight. Later on in the night we were playing a version of poker, Texas Hold’em, when one of the younger people in our group, a person named Kyle, started rocking the table, this caused the propane lantern that was resting in the middle of the table to fall over and roll off of the table. It rolled off right next to me so I went to catch it before it met the ground, unfortunately Kyle had the same Idea and reached for it as well. Instead of going for the cool propane tank on the bottom half he went for the scalding hot top and ended up burning up his hand pretty bad. While he looked fine at first, he soon went into shock. Fortunately, we had some experienced users of first aid on hand and they managed to get him to calm down,…show more content…
We eventually discovered that if you went into the area which surely must have kept horses when the barn was at its prime that you could climb over the gate and get into the ground level of the barn. To get to the second level we had to climb up the stairs next to where we entered and encountered a door which was, fortunately, unlocked. When we entered the second level it was pitch back requiring us to use our flashlights to see even a little bit in front of us. Right next to the door of which we entered from was an old classic radio straight out of the 70’s. We opened the drawer of the dresser, or really more of a night stand, of which the radio stood on, and encountered tons of old fuses that we imagined might be for a car. The last thing that we encountered was an old school sewing machine straight out of the 40’s which was on the next floor, which was easily accessible via
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