Personal Narrative: The Other Land

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The Other Land
“Tick tock, tick tock...” As time went by, just after school, I stared at the alarm clock; it was already 12 o’clock at night, but I still had much work to do, and I was exhausted. Suddenly I remembered the time when my teacher said: Americans are just right under our feet, because they are just on the opposite side of the world. “So if I was in America at this time; I would have energy, so cheer up,” I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and comforted myself, “If I was in America, what would it be like? A land of hope and freedom,an inclusive and a sustainable country. That is a totally mysterious country for me, so who knows? ” That is the new world of my life. When I moved to America, I learned to be more independent. When I
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Although I was very embarrassed and overwhelmed, I still learned how to communicating with different culture thought. I felt excited when I learned new knowledge. After that, I was always asking questions even though I felt shy about it. Friends are like priceless treasures. There is an old saying that reads “It makes things easier to have many friends.” For example, I not only love watching NBA games, I also love playing basketball. It is exciting to ask other friends to play as teammates. I met them and built a friendship with them, which is really cool. Since then I have learned how to communicate with others, and how to get along with…show more content…
My favorite holiday is Halloween, it almost became the year’s most popular festival. Many people have great enthusiasm to celebrating this festival. Every fall, people pick large orange pumpkins with curved grimaces and put a burning candle inside. They are called “jack-o’-lanterns”, which means “jack of the lantern,” but the most excited are the kids. The kids put on their costumes to look like curtain cartoon hero. Sometimes they paint their faces like monsters. Then they bring a basket from house to house to every neighborhood, and ask for candies, “Trick or treat.” The neighbors put candy in their bags. Even grown-ups like me like to dress up. I disguised myself as the clown from the movie “Dark Knight”. Then, I invited friends to come over to a big parade in downtown LA. We had a lot of fun, and that really brings me the satisfaction of being
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