Personal Narrative: The Other You

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As I laid in bed, searching across one of my favorite websites, creepypasta, for a decent scary story to read; I stopped short. "The Other You" was the title of the extremely short story that I now wish I had never opened. The story instructed that if you stand in front of a mirror, grab a random piece of hair while looking at yourself, then holding a ruler or other object capable of accurate measurement, then marked the ruler; then afterward doing it again only without looking in the mirror, that the lengths would be different. It said that doing this created confusion to your doppelgänger, whom you supposedly see in the mirror, living in an alternate universe. The only issue is that after you do this, you can never turn your back to that mirror again.…show more content…
I always would be turned to the side, with my eye always on the mirror. Sometimes I thought that I would see my emerald green eyes shoot a look of abhorrence at myself, or my long dark hair would swish when I knew it hadn 't, just little things. I brushed it off, and eventually forgot about the silly incident; and if I had thought of it, I laughed at how stupid I seemed to believe that. It turns out later that by conducting my little experiment, and later laughing about it and calling it stupid; I awoke it. My doppelgänger. The first time I thought something was off was when I had gone into my bathroom, in the dark, and turned my back on the mirror. I heard a thumping noise, like something hitting against it; but I brushed it off, blaming my cat. Too bad Charlie was actually sleeping on my couch the entire

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