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The Outsider Emma’s eyes stung with pain, as the harsh sun beat down on her lost colored face. Shouting arose throughout the crowd of people. Everyone jumped up out of the rusty seats and started to clap and holler, Emma sat there, emotionless. She has gone too far to many soccer games and they had simply stopped amusing her. She spotted her younger sister down on the muddy field, who seemed just as excited as the rest of the crowd. She glanced around at her parents and older sister, Rachel, who started to chant Jenny’s name. I, Emma Rose Finn, continued to sit there and watch the world fly by me in a tangled ball of confusion and emotions. “Hurry up!” yelled Rachel as she let out an exasperated sigh. I quickly grabbed my bags sluggishly walked down the stairs. Rachel bounced into the kitchen and straightened out her skintight cheerleader uniform. Jenny was finishing up tying her soccer cleats in a perfect bow, which she had sworn she would never take off. My mind was drowned in thoughts as I slowly started to daze off. I was used to watching cheerleading or soccer events it was basically part of my daily routine. Finally, when I had managed to get back into reality, I shoved a granola bar down my throat followed with a glass…show more content…
I took a deep breath, stepped out of the car, and let it out. High school. High school was a place where it was considered normal for kids to get bullied or made fun of. A place that was built on a system of hierarchy. You had the jocks, the nerds, the populars, and me, an outsider. I slowly trudged toward the building, Rachel had already gone up to the other cheerleaders. I glanced back at the car one last time, wishing I was eight still like Jenny. Then, I had managed to make a sprint to the side of the school, where the dumpsters were. Carefully and quietly I slipped behind the puke colored dumpster. I let out a sigh of relief as I pulled out my book, and waited for the dreaded bell to

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