Personal Narrative: The Pain

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The light was piercing through my head. It felt like a laser was going through my head. The pain was insurmountable. The pain in my head was coupled with pain in my stomach. I just wished it would go away. It wouldn 't. The pain would stay all night. Little did I know, it was a major migraine that I was experiencing. I was twelve years old. Sometimes I would get some headaches but, it was nothing that Advil would cure. This pain, Advil couldn 't cure this. This was different from a little headache. This caused me to go to AI DuPont Children 's Hospital. I never been there before. I never had a condition that was severe enough to go there. After I was admitted to the hospital, the doctors found out that I was suffering from a severe migraine…show more content…
In addition to visiting the neurologist every three months, I had a double sided piece of paper that included all of the foods that could trigger a migraine. I had to give up chocolate and most cheeses in addition to many other foods. A lot of the foods that I ate before p, I had to give up. It was hard to find a granola bar that didn 't have chocolate or peanuts. It was a slim selection to choose from. It was hard to change but, I eventually got used to my food restrictions. After I went to the neurologist a couple of time and an increase of the dosage of the medicine, it was found out that it wasn 't effective and it also had caused me to gain weight. It was decided that I had to change my medicine to Topamax, which was a different migraine medicine that could help decrease the number of migraines. I was missing about two days of school per month because of my migraines. That needed to be decreased. After about a year with the neurologist in Milford, I changed to a neurologist in the neurology department of AI DuPont. This new neurologist thought that I should start a headache journal of when I had headaches. When he saw the frequency that I had headaches and migraines, it was determine that I needed to increase the dosage. After a couple of visits, he thought that I should change my medicine to Propenaolol. To start the new medicine, I needed to decrease the old medicine and then increase to the dosage that I would take with the new medicine. I had major migraines when I changed to the new medicine. The new medicine worked better than all of the other medicines. They were controlled and I missed less school. I finally had overcame my
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