Personal Narrative: The Palace Of Nestor

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As an archaeologist searching and uncovering the the remains and artifacts that were left behind by people in the past is something that drives me to fully put my interest in. Its 1939 in Palace of Nestor in olive grove. It is near the city of Pylos in Greece, the palace was a place where sacrifices were to be offered on its beaches. The king who ruled in the Palace of Nestor ruled a endless territory that had twenty districts that contained small settlements and capital towns.I am sharon stocker an archaeologist in the University of Cincinnati I have worked in the Pylos region of greece for about 25 years. We led 45 experts and archeologist for findings but what we found was far more provocative and engaging from what we expected. I remember digging and digging till we found something unusual, and there it was a tomb. In the tomb on the floor laid a skeleton of an male, that was flat on his back. On the left we saw weapons that laid beside him and on the right e saw jewelry. The grave contain over 1,400 objects that my team and i noticed over various of days. Near the head and chest f the man that was estimated t be around…show more content…
I wanted to know who theman was and why there was a man in a tomb filled with jewelry and goods. I thought to myself, was this person a king? A leader? How this person such a big impact to the city that when he died he was supposed to be in a tomb with goods. Today that 's what my goal was to know why and how this person ended up in a rich mycenaean tomb with great wealth. The unusual Pylos tomb could not have been the legendary king Nestor or the grave of the his father Neleus because this find could be even more important due to the warrior pre-dates time of Nestor and Neleus by approximately 200- or even 300 years. What i think it is that its someone very important figure at a point in this time where Greece was being shaped by contact with Crete, europe 's first advanced

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