Personal Narrative: The Partisan Survivor

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Freeing the Jews Ben, Damian, and some Partisan Fighters go on an adventure in Warsaw, Poland in 1945 to free the Jews from the captivity. The Nazi soldiers are holding our families in concentration camps with Hitler controlling almost everybody. We hope to free them and get back to our normal, happy lives. Ben and I join the Partisan fighters in hope of freeing the Jews stuck in concentration camps. Ben walked over to the group of fighters while I stood and the campfire trying to heat my hands up since it was -17 degrees celsius and I had no mittens. Ben noticed his long lost cousin in the group and made eye contact but they didn’t want any part with one another. I asked him what was wrong because he walked away with his head down but he didn’t want to talk. We told the other Partisan fighters our plan to free the Jews and some disagreed…show more content…
“I don’t know, we’ll probably have to leave it there,” I emphasized. We waited about 2 hours until we noticed that 3 convoy trucks were leaving through the gates. We quickly ran to the hole and made our way to the building where some of the Nazis sat down for some rest or food. The Partisan Fighters were the first to strike since they weren’t scared to kill anybody. After about an hour and a half of screaming sounding as loud as an explosion and gunshots. Only 1 Partisan died and we all lived, rushing out the remaining Jews still hiding. We took our families to a local home and sat them down with food, water, and other essentials. All the kids who got water sprung up and hug us both. They felt like a million blankets. The other Partisans that were with us split up and went back into the base in the woods to check on everyone. Ben struggled getting the fire lit up since he was shaking and couldn’t light the match properly. I wanted to take a quick nap to get some energy back but then we heard banging on the door and on the other side sounded like a grown
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