Personal Narrative-The Perfect Destination Imagination Team

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I never thought that I had stage fright. I only joined the DI (Destination Imagination) team so that I could hang out with my friends, but it was a pretty fun experience. At our first meeting we named ourselves the GlaDIator Animals. During our other practices and brainstorming sessions we would come up with some really great ideas for the skit we chose to perform. We needed to have characters from two nations so we chose to have a Canadian and an Irish themed character. Bustin Jieber and a leprechaun, the perfect mix of the two nations. The next characters that came into our heads were Canada Man, AKA Bustin Jieber, and Gelena Somez, Bustin Jieber’s girlfriend, who was a fairly hard character to pull off considering we were a group of four guys. In order for one of us to look like a girl we acquired a blonde wig, high heels, a dress, a bra, and tube socks to stuff in the bra. Then we came up with our props: painted shower curtains, a chair, a bungee cord, and the Canada Man and leprechaun costume. Canada Man had a cape with the canadian flag and a hockey stick, and the leprechaun had a leprechaun costume, a cane with a diamond doorknob on it,…show more content…
You have to have a job, pay bills, and you have to pay for everything you want. This was the first time that I felt majorly responsible for something in my life. Then I realized I was responsible for many other things as well: doing my homework, keeping track of all my belongings, and making sure I wear my contacts or suffer not being able to see 10 feet in front of me. At the state competition we placed second and got to go to globals. It took place in Tennessee and was the first time I was hundreds of miles away from my parents. It felt awful not having them there with me but that’s one of the major things about being an adult: your parents aren’t there to hold your hand anymore. After the competition ended I felt different, I felt more like an

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