Personal Narrative: The Piercing Room

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As I lay in my bed upset about a previous break-up with a box of tissues beside me, I jumped up quickly and said to myself, “It’s time for a change”. All of the anger and rage I had built inside me was ready to be released. I thought to myself, “What would be the best way to show this new me?” and that is when the silver, sparkling nose stud popped into my head. When I asked my mom, she was confused and said, “Since when did you want to get a hole in your face?” but agreed to take me and sign the permission forms to get it professionally done. 1. Make sure that you are confident in your decision about piercing your nose before heading to the piercing shop. A few days after, my mom and I hopped into her white 2013 Hyundai Accent and headed…show more content…
The room looked like an examination room you see at the doctors, sterile and plain. I was expecting it to be similar to Claire’s where I got my ears pierced in 2nd grade. I sat on top of the bed and began to breathe in and out slowly to prepare myself for what was about to happen. The piercer pulled out an alcoholic wipe and began to wipe my nose on both the inside and out to make sure it was clean. Afterward, she pulled out a sharpie marker and asked me which side of my nose I would like my piercing on. I never even thought about it because I thought I would have backed out by now. I said to her in a doubtful tone, “Uh I guess the right? Where do people normally get it pierced?” Then she asked, “Well, which is your good side when taking selfies?” and that is when I decided the right side would be best because my right eyebrow is constantly on point. Your piercer will ask you something similar, therefore know ahead of time where you want the piercing or else there could be a possibility that you are unhappy with the…show more content…
I could feel myself begin to freak out. As she began to clamp my nose, I asked her “Is this going to hurt as bad as I think it is?” She responded, “No, you will be fine I promise. Now, do you want me to count or should I just go ahead and do it?” Once the words left my mouth that she could just do it, she immediately pierced it without hesitation. Tears began to stream down my face, but not because of the pain though. I was so happy to have finally gone through with something and at that moment, I felt rebellious that I did something my ex would not agree with. Thinking back on it now, I feel pathetic. As I left the piercing shop and entered my car, I took endless selfies the entire ride home. This was the start to a “new and improved Carly,” so I thought. You may be in a lot of pain since a needle did just go through the cartilage of your nose, but all of this is relatively normal. Getting a piercing for the first time is something you have to get used to. There is a possibility that you will not be happy with your decision. This may be because of how your piercing looks. It could also be because of the reason behind why you got it in the first

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