Personal Narrative: The Pipe Organ

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My hands glide up the keyboard; my feet dance on the pedals. I tame the boisterous, three manual instrument that overwhelms the sanctuary. The pipe organ is magical and soothing. It calms me and provides contentment. For seven years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn to play an instrument that, in essence, is a quadruple piano. An instrument capable of producing countless combinations of sounds to fit any mood. When I practice, I experiment with various stop combinations. The sounds I choose dictate the feel of the piece. The same piece of music can be light and soft or loud and powerful. Throughout my years as an organ student, both the diverse compositions I have studied and my teacher have fostered and augmented my musical knowledge. Experience has taught me how to make a piece of music my own. The organ provides me with numerous opportunities that I otherwise would not encounter. For example, the summer before my senior year in high school, I attended a five day pipe organ intensive. Five days full of workshops, lessons, hours of practice, recitals, and camaraderie. Five days during which I met 30 other teens who shared the same passion and affinity for this extraordinary instrument. Another rewarding part of organ study is playing in worship services. The congregation at my church supports and enjoys my playing. I love using my talents and gifts to please others, and playing the organ is one way through which I can achieve this.
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