Personal Narrative: The Polar Express Train

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The polar express has been a loved movie by my family since I can remember. Around the holidays we would always sit down as a family with popcorn and hot chocolate and enjoy watching the truly classic christmas movie. It was 2010, just around the holidays, when my parents thought it would be fun to take me and my brother to the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad to ride The Polar Express Train. Little did we know it would turn into the adventure it was. I was in Mrs. Hester’s fourth grade class when the office called saying I was being checked out. I was confused, my parents didn’t tell me I was leaving school early that day but I sure didn’t complain! When I got to the office my parents were there saying they had a surprise for my brother and…show more content…
My parents finally gave it up and told us that we were going to ride The Polar Express Train. My brother and I were so excited and couldn’t wait to get there. We still had around two hours left of the journey when the snow started to get really heavy. My parents wanted to ride the train when there was real snow on the ground so it would be just like the movie. We had around an hour left of the journey when we reached traffic. The snow was coming down very hard and the highway began to be covered. We soon exited the highway to connect to a different one when we saw traffic ahead. The roads had gotten so bad that the highway was blocked off for a while. We didn’t think much of it, we still had quite a lot of time to get to the train and we had food, water, and blankets with us. The time was moving very slow just like the traffic. At this point we had been waiting for close to an hour. My brother and I had our videogames to occupy the time and my parents had the radio. Before we knew it we had been waiting for three hours. My parents started to get worried because we were running out of gas and the traffic had hardly moved at all. My dad decided to go out into the snow which was now more like a blizzard to see how far up the traffic was. He was gone for close to an hour and when he returned he was unrecognizable. His entire body was covered in snow. His beard was practically frozen. He got in the car and told us that

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