Personal Narrative-The Porcelain Bubble

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The Porcelain Bubble My legs and lungs could barely keep up with my body and bladder as my internal GPS attempted to point me in the direction of the public restroom. As I rushed into the lavatory, nearly taking out the door as well as a roaming delinquent avoiding class, I was hit with an atrocious odor that ravaged my nose. However, the stench started to dissipate as I approached the trio of urinals that were positioned against the wall. Out of the three, the farthest captured my eye because it was the only one that actually appeared to keep its original shade of white although spotted with golden marks. Occupying the urinal next to me was a brute of guy who always strolled through the halls without a care in the world but had an appearance that made others flock to him, always displaying that strong look of confidence as well as pride in himself. But as I took my proper stance…show more content…
We naturally have that “personal bubble” that we try to keep in tact as well as keep from popping other’s bubbles. No matter how confident you play it off in the halls, no matter how good looking you think you are, that personal space conceals our privacy. But when my bladder feels like it is about to burst causing me to release the contents of my bladder everywhere, then I would rather pop that strangers bubble and cause an awkward sensation to occur. A few weeks after my encounter with the brute at the urinal, I walked back into the restroom where the same stench of privacy and feces inhabited the room. As I approached the trio once again, there was yet another student that took over the middle urinal. I hesitated whether to go to the one next to him or not. Then all of a sudden, my inner man took control of me and made me wait for him to be done. It felt like I finally solved an impossible mathematical problem that I had the answer to all along. I finally understood this sacred rule that has surpassed time

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