Personal Narrative: The Power Of A Basketball Team

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We took a five-minute water break to try and regather our thoughts and to try and come back from this awful game against a group of social rejects. My hand had stopped bleeding by now and I was able to sign autographs for all the fans that had come out to see me play, but my hand was not well enough for me to start playing just yet.

It was now around 5:30 so we continued the game so that it did not end too late. My teams goalie got the ball and passed it to David on the breakout pass, but David took only one step and Jason started charging towards him. The goalie speared David in the midsection with his stick and the other teams defenseman Scott got the ball. Scott then wound up and shot the ball with all his upper body strength from curling.
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My team was looking crushed after letting in 6 goals on only 7 shots and were losing the games. I was really wishing that I could be out there with the boys helping them win. Nick was so upset with himself for having no hockey abilities he just grabbed the ball and threw it down the road where the other team picked it up no problem and started coming towards our net. They did a nice passing play on scored on Nick between the legs. We ended up switching goalies to David after that because we needed to do something to try and win. While David was getting ready and putting on gear, I went over and took pictures with my…show more content…
One of my fans so nicely decided to let us use his autographed tennis ball signed by me. Jakob started off with the ball, who then passed it to John who then tried taking a shot which I dropped down in front of to block it. I then got up, passed the ball to Aaron who immediately passed the ball back. I took the ball in on a breakaway and went bar down to make the game 9-3. Jason passed it over to Scott who I had no problem body checking him flying into some old ladies car. Scott left a huge dent in the back of it. I then proceeded to do a spin-o-rama that got me around their last defender and their goalie and I buried it into the open
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