Personal Narrative: The Racoon Trailer

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Kelly We arrived at some trees and found something that could help out until we get out of here, three trailers and a porch that had been covered. Gina broke inside one after another surprised but disappointed she knew how but that was not the point inside was old oatmeal jerky that had turned white and beans, that smelled like a racoon cage we can last on this for a few weeks but that doesn’t mean we stop looking for help understand girls, cause if we don 't get out of here there is not a good chance of living.They soon began to realize it and teared up with fear We found two matresses musty and soft, from off of the porch.It was a hard night i couldn 't sleep in the heat. I woke up the next morning to come to find there was a…show more content…
All the exploring was exhausting gina found a radio in one of the trailers and tried to hook it up to the car but it was too hot outside. Gina started to get pale faced and sweat.She started to have a mental breakdown in cried in fear of dying. She got sick from dehydration.I had made her eat a few bites of oatmeal. We started to get ready for another night,” Im sure were going to die here, food is getting tight and it seems like it is getting hotter, days are getting longer, but we still have hope.” I told the girls. They than became scared of what was going to happen. I was helping gina bathe when we heard Jenny screaming we ran to see what the problem was come to see her flagging down a helicopter,”Were saved!” I kept shouting. As the helicopter got closer it moved farther to the opposite direction of where we were. They didn’t see us…… I thought this was it we would be out of here. We were sad and disappointed like someone had just ripped out our hearts. We arrive back at the trailers and were to in shock to even eat so we all just stood there in shock……. we hear a loud knocking bang, Jenny walk over to the door to open it and we hear wildlife police anyone in there? We all soon rush to the door in
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