Personal Narrative: The Raven

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It was just a normal day for me. I woke up, ate breakfast and waited outside for the bus. As I waited, Jenna (Joey’s Sister) had Joey on her back . As they approached me I thought to myself, Shouldn 't Jenna be on Joey’s back? Anyway the bus came and half an hour later I was in R and R in Mrs. Cieslak room.

I got out a pen and paper and started to write this story. After R and R I had science. Science was the usual. Our teacher taught her lesson but as usual nobody understood it. I was the smart one but I said I didn 't understand it so we don 't get homework. See I 'm smart.

Next period is ms. Gaven’s! So basically in Ms Gaven’s . Well I can 't really explain it but all you need to know is that its 120 minutes of total awesomeness.
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