Personal Narrative Essay: The Worst Day Of My Life

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“Help! Help!” Have you ever had a day where everything was going right and then there was that one thing that happened to you to ruin your entire day? Well, that was the worst day of my life. It all began on August 20th, 2010. As my eyes peered out the window, I saw luscious green grass, I heard birds chirping and the blazing hot sun hitting my skin. At that time, I remembered that it was the day that I would go to my first Red Sox game. I ran downstairs and asked my mom “What time are we leaving?” She said to me that the game did not start until 1 pm, so we were going to leave at 11 to pick up Tye and then go to the game.
As I was waiting for the clock to strike 11, I was wondering what the stadium would look like, how many people would be there, how loud would it be in Fenway park. I didn 't want to look it up because I would rather go there and experience it firsthand. As my mom announced that we were leaving in ten minutes, I quickly
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The game starts at one and it’s only eleven. The game usually does not start on time, it normally starts five to ten minutes late.”
As we approached Tye’s house, I quickly ran to his door and rang his bell. He quickly came running outside. When he sat in the car, I asked him if it was his first Red Sox game and he said that it was not, but this would be his first game with people other than his family.
When we got to where we were going to park the car, I told my mom to call her friend who was going to meet us at Fenway. When my mom was on the phone, my heart felt exhilarating and was pumping really fast; my face started to glow as I was thrilled with anticipation. As my mom got off her phone, she told us that her friend was parking her car and that she would meet us at the letter E entrance in five minutes. So we quickly walked to the entrance and scanned the crowd looking for her. As I saw her, we quickly accosted her and I exclaimed, “Let 's get going inside so that we can find our
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