Personal Narrative: The Road To Las Vegas

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If you have a dream you and it’s what you really want and you are willing to work hard for it then you can achieve anything you desire. I had a dream that I achieved at a young age and it is one of the greatest moments in my life. Since I was 14 I had a dream of winning and making my mark in the APA history. In the APA pool league the road to Las Vegas is a long and hard fought path that only the strongest and most determined can achieve. I joined the league when i turned 18 and began me journey into what became the best experience of my life. I played my first session and helped my team get qualified for the Tri-cups tournament. This tournament is for the teams who qualify to win money and a spot in the regional tournament. My team went…show more content…
The first round came early that Saturday morning. We played a team from Sumter that was pretty strong. We played a strong match but in the end we were bested. The second round we played a team from Florence and we won in 3 games. Then the third round we played another Sumter team and we won again. The fourth round began on early that Sunday and we played a team from Hartsville. We bested the Hartsville team and made it to the finals of the tournament. The final team was a team we knew very well named the Vipers. This round was for all of the marbles. The pressure was on and winning not only meant I got to go to play in the national tournament but I would achieve a dream of mine to play at the national level. We started off playing one of our middle ranked players. He pulled off a win against one of their stronger players. Then my brother played one of their low ranking players and was beaten putting us tied 1-1. Then my dad player our opponents other low ranking player and my dad pulled out our second win. This meant if we won the next game we won the event but if we lost then my low ranking player would have to play the other teams high ranking tournament. They put up their middle ranked player and my dad put me up against him. It was all on the line and my team put the match on my shoulders against a strong middle ranked player. I knew the guy very well and I have played him a few times. He had to win 4 games and I had to win 3 games. The first two racks we went back in forth putting us both 1-1. He won the second game. This put him up 2-1, so we both needed two more games to win. The next rack he broke and made nothing then I ran the rack out. Then I broke and missed after making two balls. He ran out to one ball and then scratched, giving me ball in hand. I then lined my first shot up and never slowed down. I ran out all of my balls and preceded to make the eight ball to win the match. The over whelming
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