Personal Narrative: The Rocky Mountains

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Have you ever wanted to feel the cold breeze of the rocky mountains stinging your face? I have gained the chance to feel this it was nothing like I had done anything before. I wish I could relive the experience. Even though opportunity like those only come every once and awhile. Our story begins in between the cold and magnificent rocky mountains with a family of five in a small gray minivan. “ Are we there yet?” asked my brother. “Not yet Isaac” replied my father in his deep smooth voice. I was about 10 at the time my brother was 13 and my sister trinity was about 12. The mountains were glorious as they had so many colors and where water from within the mountain spilled out stud these massive icicles. When we made it to the resort my parents…show more content…
Except one day when we want to one slope that when you got off the mountain there was a enormous pothole that looked like someone took a giant drill and drilled acopel of feet and stopped. I almost fell into it. On that day we found a secret path that was in a valley with tall, and beautiful evergreen trees on either side. When you got to the end of the path you got on another ski lift and went further up the mountain. That night we took a bus to a whole other resort that had night skiing it wasn 't as bright as it was in the day from the sun reflecting off of the snow and blinding you even if you had goggles on. When we got off the ski lift the soft snow from the day had turned into hard and slick ice. As we went down the mountain I had to concentrate on where I was going and had to keep my balance. It was very hard the wind was ice cold and felt like sandpaper was being dragged across my face. My brother on the other hand, had to go down the mountain without his goggles because throughout the day his goggles had frozen over. At the end of the day I was red faced and sore ankles as I fell into…show more content…
We took a major chair lift up to the peak of the mountain. As me and my family rose I thought to myself,” this is amazing, “I can 't believe some people see this everyday,” I thought to myself. As we ascended into the air my breath became thick and uncertain to breathe in.“Mom” I said, “ why is the air so thin.” “The higher you get up into the closed the less air,” replied my mother “so will we run out of air?’ they all laugh at that I didn 't understand why it was a reasonable question. “No Syd we will be just fine” said my father with a smile that went from ear to ear. I gave him a weak smile in return. As we got of the ski lift, me almost falling, the rest of my family talked about how to get down the mountain. I moved over to the precipice of the mountain. The view took my breath away the cloud line was far below the summit revealing the amazing sight of the rocky mountains there was no sign of civilisation anywhere. The sun was just over the peak giving the whole valley a movie scene feel. “This is astonishing” I whisper to myself “Sydney come let 's go”, hollered my father, and we descended to the base of the
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