Personal Narrative: The Roller Coaster Assistant

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The late summer sun beat down on me from my seat in coaster train. Sweat coated back, both from the heat, and nerves. My heart thundered in my chest as I clutched the sides of my seat, preparing myself for the insane ride I was about to do. I kept my eyes down, to afraid to look at the monstrous, 400 foot hill looming ahead of me. Breathe in, breathe out, I told myself. Breathe in, breathe out. Eli looked over at me, his face blood red, the exact color I knew mine probably was too. “You look like you 're going to puke,Lucy,” Eli said, confirming my thoughts. It was a blatant, teenage typical comment we often heard coming out of his mouth. “Dido,” I replied, staring straight ahead. As we waited for everyone to get buckled, I thought about how…show more content…
Is this really worth it, I wondered, beginning to second guess myself, but then again, it would totally be worth it, if it meant I’d be noticed. When the assistant finally came, he had to pull my strap a lot tighter. It was cinched all the way down, barely small enough to fit my tiny frame. I’m actually kind of surprised I was even allowed to ride the coaster, considering I was about a centimeter shorter than the height requirement. It would have been a good excuse to get out of riding the humongous ride that haunted the space in front of me. It was so dumb, I imagined lying to the other kids. I was definitely tall enough, the worker must have been blind. Some of them would have still called me a chicken, but others would have fallen for…show more content…
“We, um, no we didn’t,” Paul’s face was bright red, and he ran his hands through his hair. He was clearly nervous beyond compare. “Well, I definitely think you should,” Sally said matter a factly, turning away. If I had any doubt that Kristy was flustered before, it was completely washed away now. I could feel her anger and embarrassment from all the way over here. “Come on, Lucy, I want to show you something.” Sally said, pulling me from my thoughts. “Um, okay,” I murmured. I guess you take the opportunity when it’s presented, right? Even if it isn’t exactly what you expected. I followed Sally over to her desk, which was positioned in the corner of the room, where no one really went. She was incredibly organized, an array of color coded folders and binders spread out across her desk. Although I’d never really thought about it before, Sally was a really nice girl. We’d hung out a couple times when we were younger, but that was it. She’d practically just saved me from the group of “cool kids”,though, who no longer really seemed that cool, and for that, I felt that I owed her something, so I stayed by her desk until the bell rang. The short time we spent together before class started flew by. As it turns out, Sally rode the Top Thrill Dragster this weekend as well, and she said that she was really scared too. Sally is actually really awesome, much cooler than Kristy or the rest of her group, and she

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