Personal Narrative: The Roller Coaster Ride

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Over the summer my best friend and I decided to go to the rodeo that was hosted at the fairgrounds, which subsequently takes place while the fair is going. The rodeo soon turned into a letdown because it had rained the night before. Which made the arena muddy and none of the horses or cattle could maneuver in it. We decided that we were going to check out the fair scene instead. After we made our way through rides made for children in the age range of 8-12, we made our way to this roller coaster that was in the shape of a giant green caterpillar. This thing was an abomination, its face was molded and twisted in a way that looked exactly like the face of a clown. It was terrifying and just the sight of it made me want to walk the other direction.…show more content…
I had watched other people ride it and as soon as you hit the first drop you would go down and then it would quickly jerk you in one direction. As we went down I braced myself for it, but the little boy wasn’t as prepared and he slid into the seat a little bit. Which scared him to death and made me nervous too. As we were coming back around to the first hill I put my arm around his shoulders far enough to where I could hold the bar on the other side of him. We went around the track a couple more times and each time we would hit the dip the little boy would try to get as close to me as possible in that tiny little seat. When the ride was over I unbuckled the seat belt and the young boy stood up and tried to find the closest way out. My friend and I were walking down the stairs to exit the ride when I heard “Thank you so much for letting him ride with you!” “You are welcome, I had fun and hopefully he did too”, I responded as we were walking away. I wasn’t able to stop talking about what had happened for the rest of the night. The reason for that had to be because I learned something. That something was to whenever you have the chance to help someone do it. If it may help them have fun doing it. I also learned that you can be the decision maker for someone. If wouldn’t of said that it was okay for him to ride with me he may have not gotten to ride it at all. The grandfather didn’t ask my friend, nor did he ask

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