Personal Narrative: The Rumbled-Out Band

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How "twenty one pilots" Helped Me Out of My Depression Funk 7:50:00 PM This isn 't your typical screaming fangirl letter to a popular sought-out band. Although many of these statements are going to sound cliche and recurrent, they speak the truth from the heart. Twenty one pilots, a salad-bowl of musical genres, has helped me immensely through my chronic illness journey. Music is a beautiful thing. I believe if one thing could actively connect the subconscious to the soul, it would be through the harmonious melodies of music. When you put headphones in, it 's like everything around you changes. For just a few moments, everything is okay. Whether you 're jamming out to some rock hit on the radio or having a good cry to a love song after…show more content…
It didn 't take long before I had listened to all of the tracks from their four albums, and Tyler Joseph 's album, "No Phun Intended". I fell in love with the duo and the lyrical content of their unique genre. For once, I had an interest in something. The more I listened to the songs, the more the meanings changed for me on an emotional level. My soul connected to the words Tyler expressed as Josh poured his heart out on his drums, and it was a beautiful thing. If there was any way to express my jumbled thoughts, it would be through their deep lyrics. Whenever it felt like I was drowning in suicidal thoughts, I listened to twenty one pilots. Whenever I hated the world, I listened to twenty one pilots. Whenever I broke down, I listened to twenty one pilots. Whenever I needed hope, I listened to twenty one pilots. "Don 't forget about me, even when I doubt you, I 'm no good without you." -Doubt; twenty one pilots. Not only did these men help me emotionally and mentally, but spiritually as well. When I got sick, I thought God abandoned me. I was doubting Him and it was extremely difficult to put my trust in Him, not to mention that the little faith I had left was rapidly slipping through my fingers. I was surprised to find such a popular band which clearly contained subliminal Christian meanings underneath all the drum banging and lyric screaming. Another reason why I connected so easily. "Because every time I think I see your face it fades away and turns to grey, then I pray you save the day. Anyhow I just pray that someone hears me now." -Hear Me Now;
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