Personal Narrative: The San Diego Chicken

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Azealia Banks got her phone out and recorded a video for the world to see. She could still hear the chickens bocking at her, begging for their lives. The chickens were dead now, of course, but their cries of help still haunted her. She recorded her cleaning the chicken blood that had been drying for four years. She posted her video and closed the closet door. She needed more cleaning supplies. Her saw duster would not be enough. She left her sewer, closing up the manhole and humming “We Are Number One” as she went to Home Depot. When she got back home, she got out her new power washer to spray down her revolting closet that contained the chicken remains. She turned on the lights in the sewer, only to find the San Diego Chicken riding on the ceiling fan overhead. Azealia hit the it with a broom and screamed at the chicken. It screamed back, bocking wildly. What a concept: The San Diego Chicken, perched on her ceiling fan like a gargoyle. Azealia, hitting the chicken with a broom. They were both screaming.…show more content…
She loved that broom; it was lodged in the walkway to block out the liquids of the sewer as she was evicted from her mansion. The San Diego Chicken cried out and removed the head of its costume to reveal none other than Skai Jackson. That was a name she hadn’t heard in years. After the Disney star destroyed her career with a single tweet, Azealia’s career spiraled out of control. “You!” She yelled, hitting the chicken head that was previously masking Skai’s
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