Personal Narrative: The Sarah Paquette Journey

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Looking back to when you were younger, how far have you come? Where do you go when your story is done? Your past shaped the chapters of your life you're presently living. It is now, you embrace all of the control you posseses, what you want you want your final story to be about? Happiness is the final chapter we tend to strive for, when you feel happy you feel fulfillment, joy, grateful. My life is one of the many examples as to how the past has just given me the strength and courage to strive for the unthinkable. Everyday I look for happiness in the smallest of things, and that is a victory in itself. Happiness is a process, with time. My story, the Sarah Paquette journey, my personal story is something, I want to share. Throughout my childhood,…show more content…
I have been called by the simplicity of what surrounds my every waking moment. I want to become the voice of reason, help guide whomever in the direction of deserved happiness. I find the gift of giving rewarding. I confidently state my reason based on growth, of happiness I found, and when I too help others search for their heighten potential, I find my presence serves a purpose, with that comes a happiness, grown flourishing. I was given the name Sarahpist not just because of what I do, and who I believe in, but because of my will never to give up, and the courage and strength I was given to make something out of nothing. I never want the negative grey area in my life to negatively affect my future, I want to take all of my lessons learned and apply it to any situation that will blockade me along with others, from finding themselves. Why live in the past when the presence still lives, you can't change your past, you can live for the now, and follow the path you are given, reminiscing on what's old and unchangeable will never bring you joy. When you consume yourself with the now and reach the stage of presently happy, it is when we may find beauty in the world, people, and within ourselves. Your life will fall into place, be just as it was intended to be all
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