Personal Narrative: The Save (Non-Fiction)

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The Save (Non-Fiction) It all started when school ended, I went home and I started getting ready for our last soccer game of the season. It was time to leave, so everyone got in the car and started to go to the soccer fields. I was one of the first ones there so I just started warming up. After a while more people showed up and it was time for the referee to check us in. He checked our shin guards and our shoes, then he called out our numbers to see who was all there. Then he checked the other team, and once he did that we were ready to start. We went to the sideline and our coach was telling us our positions. Then we went to the field to get in our positions. I was the goalkeeper because I was the only goalkeeper there. The…show more content…
Then it was time to begin the second half. It took us awhile, but we finally scored and tied it 1-1. Both teams were getting shots off, but no one was scoring. There were about 10 minutes left and our teammate got the ball and he scored. We were winning 2-1. It was a couple of minutes later and they shot the ball and the soccer ball went over my head and it hit the crossbar. I was so relieved. Then our teammate slid into one of the other player’s and they got a penalty kick. I got so nervous because I thought they were going to make it. He took the kick and I blocked it, but it went back to him and he kicked it again and missed. I was so excited at this point because I knew I did something good for my team. All of my teammates started cheering and jumping up and down. Then we kept them from scoring and we won by a point. Everyone was happy after that game because we won and it was our last game. After the game my parents took me to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream and celebrate. I was excited to stop the penalty kick since you never know what way the person is going to shoot it. I learned to never give and always keep
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