Knock Knock Knocking Narrative

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“Knock Knock” “Come in” I remember saying, while my grandpa walked in. I was sitting on my bed, on my phone playing a game when he asked me if I wanted to go camping and to a car show with him,diane, and noah in Fort Dodge, IA . At first I didn't really know if I wanted to go because I didn't know what my mom had planned for the weekend. He told me that I had this week to decide. When he left I went downstairs and asked my mom what she had planned for the weekend, she said that they were probably going to do a movie night or something with my sisters. When she told me that I had then decided I would want to go with my grandpa. I texted my grandpa and told him I wanted to go with them. That coming friday I woke up early and got all my clothes…show more content…
After breakfast my grandpa got the show car out and put his rags and stuff into the car so that when we get to the car show he can clean it, and get the stuff ready to show. Finally it was time to leave. When we got into town we went and picked up a piece of paper that had all the hints on it for the scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was really fun but really long, we went all over town finding the hidden stuff. I really enjoyed it though because we got to see all the other nice cars. When the scavenger hunt got over we went and started to drive downtown to show off the car show. It was about that time the car show was arriving, when we pulled up we seen tons and tons of nice looking cars. There were over 500 hundred cars there. When we pulled in they had an announcer announcing the cars while they pulled in. About 4 to 5 hours, after we were all tired from walking to see the cars. Later the judges were walking around voting. When it was time to see what cars won we all gathered together. A lot of really amazing looking cars had won. After the car show we went back to the camp grounds to relax after a long long day. We just sat around the bonfire and had
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