Personal Narrative: The Secret Life Of Bees

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I believe that it takes more courage to engage in a nonviolent direct action, than it does to react by fighting back. Anyone can possess physical strength, but it takes heart and soul to put effort into your belief. Bayard Rustin possessed this strength and pursued what he believed in, in a positive and safe manner. An example from the text that proves this reads, “‘I believe that I have a right to sit here," I said quietly. "If I sit in the back of the bus I am depriving that child–' I pointed to a little white child of five or six–"of the knowledge that there is injustice here, which I believe it is his right to know. It is my sincere conviction that the power of love in the world is the greatest power existing. If you have a greater power, my friend, you may move me’" (Rustin). This can relate to The Secret Life of Bees, because when Rosaleen was challenging the men at the gas station, Lily said, “‘Don’t pay attention’...’We should hurry on,’...’’ (Kidd 31). Lily also believes that violence is not the best answer.…show more content…
I had humbly won first place in all of my dance steps. After I stepped off the stage, my arms filled with trophies, I witnessed my mom talking to the other Irish dance moms. When we were leaving, my mom was telling me what the other moms had said about me. They had said how they knew that nationals was coming up, and I had to learn all new dances (since I had moved up a level) to be ready in time. They said how I would never be able to accomplish this because I couldn't learn the steps in such a short amount of time. They were jealous of me because of the work I had put in, and that their children hadn't done the same. I went on to learn 10 new steps in three months. Even though I didn't place at nationals, I was able to perform the dances to the very best of my ability, and I believe that that's pretty
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