Personal Narrative: The Shot

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The Shot

When I was 1 year old my mother first described to me about the dangers of hunters. “That they are strange beings, and that don’t care about us at all… That is how your father died” my mother said, as my mother was telling me this a tear fell down my eye, and I felt like I would never feel happiness again. I was 8 months old when it happened. My father was down at the pond about a quarter of a mile away from where we lived. I remember it like it was just yesterday. I was eating some grass near a tree, and all the sudden I hear this loud obnoxious sound that I’ve never heard before. I started running to see what had happened, and my mother yelled out to me, and said “BUCK, come back here, and wait for father to come.” I ran back to
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I told them everything about the Hunters, and that is how my dad died. We all had tremendous times in the past year. One day I went over by the pond, and took a sip of aqua, and just laid by there, to enjoy the day. I heard something to my right, but it was just a raccoon, then I heard a substantial sound, like something rattling in a bush, I get up, and start trotting away, then I hear My wife call out to me, and all my nerves are gone. “Honey you scared me I thought you were a hunter” I said. “Sorry I was just coming down here to see what you were doing” she replied, “ I’m just enjoying the view, and the pond” I said. Suddenly I hear rustling in a bush again, I peek my head, and I see nothing. I lower my head and tell her to go back to the house because I heard something, she didn’t question me, an ran to the house as fast as she could. I started walking to the house, when I looked to my left in the bush I knew what was about to happen, everything moved so slowly, the hunter fired the shot, and my life flashed before my eyes. Everything was so different, I feel like I perceived everything so much differently. All of this was what flashed before my eyes before the bullet reached, I took my last breath, then I was
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