Narrative Essay On A Snow Storm

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The cold winter wind smacked me in the face as I ran out of my house with my six month puppy named Hunter. I brought him to the car which had a thin sheet of snow covering the top of it. As my dad brushed off the snow my two sisters Krista and Kaitlyn ran out of our house and into the warm car. As my sisters took their seats in the back of the car we were all impatiently waiting for my dad to clean off the car. As we waited we all stroked Hunters soft white fur that was located on his back. As we did this he started to fall asleep which made him look so much cuter than he was already. My dad then opened the car door which lead to a cool sensation going threw out the car. As my dad got into the car he looked at us and said” Ok guys we are going to bring Hunter to the vet and then we will go to Petsmart to get him…show more content…
Kaitlyn then got out of the car holding Hunter who was shaking rapidly from the cold. Krista, my dad , and myself then got out of the car carefully shutting the car door behind us. Once we did that we headed straight to the doors of the vet. When Krista pulled opened the glass door the sounds of dogs barking filled the air. When we walked in my dad went to the desk to check in Hunter. While my dad checked Hunter in my sisters and I took a seat on this wooden bench which was located in the back of the room. A couple minutes later the veterinarian came out and called Hunters name. At this point Hunter was so excited to be at the vet that he started pulling Krista. Hunter was pulling Krista to the point that Krista almost fellWhen we finally got into the small rectangle room the veterinarian placed Hunter on this table to do his exam to make sure he is healthy. This took the veterinarian almost an hour. When he was finally done examining Hunter he then told us “Hunter is healthy and I will just give him his annual
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