Personal Narrative-The Soccer Game

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The Soccer Game I am running with the ball one on one with the goalie left or right I shoot the ball and hope for the best. All of a sudden I hear the parents go wild I scored ! The refs and soccer scout come to me they give me the man of the match award. The next day at I walk into the big red building awaiting a new day. The beautiful tile floors all squeaky clean the white walls as white as can be. I love school everyone congratulates me even the principal! Wow! I walk into my A.O. Everyone was so happy for me except Lisa. The girl who “accidentally” tackled me in the soccer game even though we were on the same team. She also tried to steal the ball when I was trying to get it away from the other team. Who does that you ask. Well apparently Lisa does. Either way I still go and congratulate her. “I don’t need your pity Denise”…show more content…
Lisa came by and shut my fingers in the locker it hurt so bad however, I was not risking to let her know that so I just opened the locker while she strutted away. It was a long time before lunch but I had made it. I told my best friend Sheila everything. She always had my back no matter what. At the end of the day I got packed up and got ready to go home because as soon as I got home I would be leaving for soccer practice. Later that day at soccer practice my coach had a private talk with me he said that whatever got into me at the last game I should keep up for the championship. Also that I was elected captain by my fellow teammates! I run through the green grass in my socks and thank all of my teammates. Then I look for Lisa. Where could she be. Oh she went to talk to coach he is waving at me maybe I should go over. “ Denise how could you”my coach asks with sadness in his voice “What do you mean” I reply “ You would really try to fill her water bottle with quake even though you know she is allergic!” “ I ...I did not do anything!” I
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